December 04, 2013

While I was making a Christmas garland...

...the mail was delivered and in it was a wonderful surprise! One of my drawings was accepted in a beautiful and thoughtful magazine called Taproot.

But I didn't realize they were going to put my piece on page one! What a thrill!

This is a drawing I called "Last year's daisies topped with snow" which was chosen for the winter issue of the magazine simply themed "Reclaim". 

It's a wonderful magazine, started by Amanda Blake-Soule and it's full of great articles "celebrating food, family, farm and craft..." Read more about Amanda and Taproot. I'm so pleased to be part of this amazing group of people who make and contribute to this magazine. I've found it so inspiring and reminds me to keep going. Thank you Taproot!

And yes, they do ship subscriptions of this quarterly magazine to Canada!

Now, back to my garland!

November 20, 2013

The maple leaves are blowing this way and that...

... just as we all do from time to time. 

Maple Leaf
This original 8 x 10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

November 08, 2013


There are so many wonderful meanings in an apple.

I painted this larger canvas a month ago and the word "home" kept floating through my mind as I worked through all those layers. 

From my home to yours....enjoy.

acrylic paint on canvas

November 05, 2013

Hmmmm... it's already November

I've been missing these green beans that are no longer growing in my back yard.

I painted them in the summer and I loved capturing those curling tips as much as I did steaming them up for dinner.

"Green Beans"
acrylic paint on board

June 05, 2013

A fading tulip...

... beauty can be found in so many unexpected places.

Fading Tulip
This original 8 x 10 drawing is available.
watercolour and coloured pencil on paper.

May 13, 2013

Art can be...

...a wonderfully selfish thing.
I've been lost in the twists and turns of bluebells and it's been a lovely place to be!

This original 8 x 10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

April 21, 2013


There are a dizzying amount of bluebells out in my garden.
How can you not love those little fairy hats?

April 10, 2013

The kale made it through the winter...

...we all did.
Happy Spring!

'Red Russian' Kale

(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

March 20, 2013


I inherited a good dose of persistence from my mother,
so I just couldn't leave the hellebore drawing unfinished (see previous post).

And perhaps the hellebore has some persistence of its own - flowering with all its delicate beauty in the cold and wind of early Spring.

This original 8x10 inch drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencil on paper)

March 08, 2013

Okay, I can't draw a hellebore

Seriously! I've been trying all week.
I've done several sketches and started two large drawings and it's just not working!
Creating can be so fickle and... well... frustrating.

The beauty of the hellebore is its dreamy soft colours and its delicate centres - 
neither of which I can capture!

Please go outside and take a look at one, because I can't do it justice with my hand!

February 27, 2013

I desperately needed some inspiration today...

...and look what I found at the local garden shop!
The lovely, romantic hellebore... sigh.
Of course! 

I'll start drawing tomorrow.

February 20, 2013

I was smitten by a tree... had joyous cherries springing off its bare branches and I haven't seen anything like it.
Is there such a thing as a winter cherry tree?

If you know what this little beauty is called, please let me know!
For now, this drawing stays untitled.

8 x 10 inch original drawing
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

February 14, 2013

A treasured garden rose...

...can be found, if you're looking. 

May you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

February 06, 2013

I've been searching for...

...a little bit of wild.

Witch Hazel
This 8x10 inch original drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencil on paper)

January 23, 2013

Spring will come...

... the camelia promises.

Camelia leaves
8x10 original drawing
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

January 18, 2013

a green winter

Most of Canada is covered in snow, but for us there's buckets of green.

January 14, 2013

May you have many new buds for 2013

The leaf scars prove last year's success, and give way to buds for this Spring.

* * *

Just a note: a leaf scar is the mark left on a stem after the leaf falls, and it often has a definite shape or pattern to it. If it's winter where you are, take a look at some deciduous trees!

Chestnut tree buds
This original 8x10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

January 07, 2013

Life is busy

Christmas has come and gone, but the holly is still out there... 
and the drawing finally did get finished.

This original 8x10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)