January 23, 2013

Spring will come...

... the camelia promises.

Camelia leaves
8x10 original drawing
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

January 18, 2013

a green winter

Most of Canada is covered in snow, but for us there's buckets of green.

January 14, 2013

May you have many new buds for 2013

The leaf scars prove last year's success, and give way to buds for this Spring.

* * *

Just a note: a leaf scar is the mark left on a stem after the leaf falls, and it often has a definite shape or pattern to it. If it's winter where you are, take a look at some deciduous trees!

Chestnut tree buds
This original 8x10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)

January 07, 2013

Life is busy

Christmas has come and gone, but the holly is still out there... 
and the drawing finally did get finished.

This original 8x10 drawing is available.
(watercolour and coloured pencils on paper)