October 31, 2014

I needed to do housework today...

...but instead, found myself wandering around in the rain looking at the texture and colour of leaves. 
And so, I've got my next subject!
I'm ready to dive into those crinkling edges and strong veins.

Art is a wonderful way to procrastinate from doing boring everyday housework!

October 27, 2014

The chestnuts have fallen...

Every year the chestnuts fall from the big tree in our front yard and my favourite part of this event is watching all the neighbourhood kids stop, bend down, and pick up a few. They have such a look of wonder on their faces. Some kids like them for the smooth, glossy coating.  Others like them still inside the spiky outer shells so they can stomp on them and bust them apart. 

I had to join in too, and so I call this painting: "I had to slip a few of these into my coat pocket".

This original painting is available in my shop.
(8 x 10 inches, watercolour on paper)

October 20, 2014

The colours of Fall

Not everything out there is red, orange and yellow!

I've always loved the fading colours of hydrangea in the Fall. They can change several times over the months and have the most amazing antiqued colours in pinks, blues, creams and greens.

One day I'll learn to paint them... for now, here's a photo!

October 07, 2014

The apples are finally ready...

... and they went through a lot to get here. 
This apple is from a very old, very unhealthy tree. It's been growing slowly for months and has survived caterpillars, wasps, birds and who knows what else, as you can see by the eaten leaves. But the apple is perfect, sweeter than any I can buy in a store, and this tree keeps growing these beauties for us to eat every October, year after year. 

And so, I've named this picture:  I've waited all year for this apple.

This original painting is available in my shop. ($95 USD)
(8 x 10 inches, water colour on paper)