November 09, 2014

I painted a single leaf...

...that had fallen from the huge old cherry tree in my backyard.

And as I was painting all its intricacies this week, all its holes and creases and veins, I could easily see how this leaf has been on its own journey. It had a unique life, tucked in among all the other leaves up there in that cherry tree. A life with the larger group, yet its own. 

I call this painting: "Every leaf has a story to tell."

The original watercolour painting is currently available in my shop.

Prints, tote bags, mugs and other fun things are available in my Society6 shop.


  1. Your paintings are lovely! I love leaves in the fall. They get translucent and you can see the underlying structure so beautifully. I haven't painted any leaves, but I did spend an hour or so the other day photographing them. The freckles, the spots and the tears only make them more lovely.

    1. Jennifer - Oh yes, you totally get it! I enjoyed painting this one so much that I think I'll do another leaf...perhaps a maple :)

  2. I enjoyed a sunny walk looking at leaves after a rainy night and was glad to see yours again. You captured beautiful colour and detail with your brush just in time. Thanks!

  3. This is amazing work. It is realistic and features subtle nuances and details. Gorgeous work.