April 09, 2015

Ahhh.. Spring!

There's so much beauty and sunshine out there that I'm feeling a bit exhausted! Pulling weeds and heaving compost might have something to do with it too.

I often paint in the evenings and this week I've been in a trance of swooping petals. This is what happened... my magnolia painting. I was hoping to capture the magnolia as a celebration of Spring, and to enjoy it's movement, grace and excitement for this amazing time of year.

I call it "The magnolia was most joyous in Spring."

I hope you're enjoying Spring too :)

The magnolia was the most joyous in Spring.

(11 x 14 inches, watercolour on paper)


  1. So beautiful, your painting magnifies the "magnificent tree" you showed us recently. I like seeing the buds and swooping petals today -- the petals are perfect!

  2. Some lovely movement in this one! Beautiful.