February 17, 2016

The clematis leaves...

I've just finished my latest painting and wanted to share. I've called this one "Quietly Thriving".

Here are my clematis leaves, with their many layers of green. I worked hard on all those veins, since that was the main focus of the whole painting. I was hoping to create a balance between the simple, quiet form of the leaves and the wildness of all the vein lines running through them.  And I did love adding those flecks of pink and blue to liven it up. 

Boy, I just love plants!  I know you all know that, but to look at the beauty and mystery of this really simple, very common leaf has been a joy. It is alive and  thriving out there in my backyard, even though it's been completely ignored by me and the rest of the world. It's just doing it's thing, quietly growing in it's own mysterious way.

Enjoy! This painting is for sale in my shop!

Quietly Thriving

12 x 24 inches
acrylic paint on cradled wood board (1 1/2 " deep)

February 04, 2016

I love taking something so ordinary....

...and making it extraordinary! 

This is my evergreen clematis (clematis armandii) which is very common in my neighbourhood - you can see it everywhere climbing on fences or covering the sides of sheds. Mine is just starting to reach into the cherry tree. But it's because it's so common that makes me find it so amazing. This vine is strong and hardy, yet it has the most elegantly shaped leaves and arching limbs which are starting to reach out and climb further. On such a bleak winter day, it's lovely to find something quietly coming to life again, despite the cold.

This will be my next painting... I've already started it. And I'm diving into all sorts of greens and crazy veins and doing my best to make it... well, extraordinary!