February 04, 2016

I love taking something so ordinary....

...and making it extraordinary! 

This is my evergreen clematis (clematis armandii) which is very common in my neighbourhood - you can see it everywhere climbing on fences or covering the sides of sheds. Mine is just starting to reach into the cherry tree. But it's because it's so common that makes me find it so amazing. This vine is strong and hardy, yet it has the most elegantly shaped leaves and arching limbs which are starting to reach out and climb further. On such a bleak winter day, it's lovely to find something quietly coming to life again, despite the cold.

This will be my next painting... I've already started it. And I'm diving into all sorts of greens and crazy veins and doing my best to make it... well, extraordinary!

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to your next creation! What a great intro to your next work.