April 29, 2016

the humble dandelion

Dandelion - food, medicine, or weed? 

I've been rethinking the humble dandelion... do you consider it food, medicine, or weed? Or is it actually a really beautiful plant that I have way too many of?

Dandelions are taking over our front yard and I've been staring at them unsure of what strategy to use this year to try and get rid of them. Then, a few days ago I was wondering  through the grocery store and there they were again - bundles of dandelion leaves, $2 a bunch! Hmmmm....

While I try and figure out wether to pull these little plants out by the roots, or to harvest their greens, I thought I may as well start with a drawing of them. This is 8x10 inches, and was made with watercolour paints and coloured pencils on paper. It is available in my shop!


April 22, 2016

New painting!

The pansy breathed in Spring

I've just finished this painting of a blue pansy and wanted to share it with you all! It's made with acrylic paint and it's on a wood cradled panel, 16x16 inches.

Oh pansies... you know I love-hate them, but they intrigue me.  I love them because of their beautiful colours and their soft fluttery petals. I hate them because, well, the petals are so delicate that they don't hold up in the garden - they get crushed, eaten, and bashed into the soil and always look disappointing. So for this painting, my challenge was to see if I could capture the best of the pansy - could I make it bold and delicate, strong yet vulnerable? I hope you like how it turned out!

To make this painting, I watered down my acrylic paints to make them act like watercolours and did many layers of blues and purples, trying not to loose the lightness of the delicate petals. It was a beautiful mess of blues to wade through for a couple of weeks. 

I hope you like it! It's available in my shop ($450 USD) if anyone is interested in adopting it into their home :)

April 13, 2016

a wash of blues and purples...

I've been happily lost in many washes of blues and purples lately, painting a very large pansy.

I kind of love-hate pansies... they are such a welcome hit of colour in spring and their delicate petals are lovely when they're sitting at the garden centre hoping you'll pick them up and take them home. But then, once they're planted in the dirt, those delicate petals get crushed down by the lightest spring rain shower and continue to get eaten by slugs. Yes, I love them, and loathe them!

I thought it would be wonderful to paint one and celebrate all that lovely watery colour and see what would happen if I painted one very large. I chose a blue pansy, which I was quite taken by, but then grows more purple as it matures, and I decided to paint on a 16x16 inch square panel.

Here is a peek at the painting in progress, as I'm building up the layers of colour. Even though I have a place to paint, the living room floor was the only spot that seemed right that day. It's like I needed to lean over the painting to be fully immersed in it, rather than staring AT it on an easel. 

The painting is almost finished now... just fine tuning some details. I'll post the completed blue pansy very soon!