April 29, 2016

the humble dandelion

Dandelion - food, medicine, or weed? 

I've been rethinking the humble dandelion... do you consider it food, medicine, or weed? Or is it actually a really beautiful plant that I have way too many of?

Dandelions are taking over our front yard and I've been staring at them unsure of what strategy to use this year to try and get rid of them. Then, a few days ago I was wondering  through the grocery store and there they were again - bundles of dandelion leaves, $2 a bunch! Hmmmm....

While I try and figure out wether to pull these little plants out by the roots, or to harvest their greens, I thought I may as well start with a drawing of them. This is 8x10 inches, and was made with watercolour paints and coloured pencils on paper. It is available in my shop!


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