July 06, 2016

I've been drawing...

I picked up my pencils a few weeks ago and it seems that I can't put them down! I've been loving doing these drawings. The simplicity of pencil on paper is heavenly and I can focus on all the many tones of grey and feel quite relaxed. Perhaps it's the summer weather that also makes me want to keep things light and simple. 

Being immersed in a drawing is a wonderful place to be. It's a rhythm I can get into that's like weeding the garden, or going on a long hike - I'm in the present and I really can't (or don't want to) think of anything else.  Sometimes it's too nice of a place to be and little people start asking for food ;)

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything here on my blog for a few weeks, but I've been posting much more often on Instagram and Facebook. It's just so darn quick and easy! So please check out my stuff there, and if you don't have accounts yourself, just click on the icons on my side bar and you can still see my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Or you can click on these link: 

I hope you're enjoying your summer gardens!


  1. I really appreciated your words and drawings when I visited them (again) today, The detail in grey has romantic appeal; and your Instagram page of images is scrumptious. Great work!

    1. Thanks for all your kind words and support ltj :)

  2. Its very beautyful Work :-)