September 30, 2016

Some new paintings...

Hello! I've been working on some new small paintings and wanted to share. As the season changes, so do my subjects and my colour palette and these little gems have happened.

Each of these "portraits" has a story to it which made me want to paint them. The apple, for instance, is a heritage variety which grows in our backyard and it looked so grand, proud really,  and has such character that it deserved attention. But these apples also get plagued with earwigs, and so this apple is flawed too, with an earwig hole on the side.

The pears came from a friend's backyard, also from a very old tree, and when these two pears were sitting together on my kitchen counter they looked like a funny old couple...perhaps they're shy, or just a little bored of each other, I'm not sure, but I wanted to paint them.

And the black-eyed Susan was glowing in my front yard last week. It was perfect in the soft morning sunshine, but I knew it wouldn't last long, so I wanted to capture it before the petals fell and it was gone until next year.

All of these, and a few more, are in my shop if you want to take a closer look: They're only 5x7 inches and painted on canvas board so they can easily be popped into a frame.

Enjoy the fall sunshine!


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