June 06, 2018



I haven't posted here in ages and I thought it was finally time for an update! Although I've been quiet on this blog, I have been drawing up a storm and sharing it in different platforms. I've been enjoying Instagram this past year so please take a peek at my account there and follow me @kristenjohnsart  to see what I've been up to. I've also created a new shop on Etsy which has been a lot of fun to put together.  I have lots of original pieces and prints listed and you can find me at kristenjohnsart.etsy.com.

I still can't seem to get enough of the plants and they are my focus and my obsession. Their inspiration seems limitless to me. I have switched from painting to drawing and have found it very liberating. I now use either graphite or coloured pencils to draw the plants and I feel like I can capture the spirit and detail of all those petals and stems with much more ease.

I will be sure to update here more often and please check out my other accounts.