About my garden

My garden is a work in progress. There are parts that I love, parts that I hate, parts that have been wonderful surprises, and parts that I haven't a clue how to deal with.

I have beautiful fruit trees (apple, pear, and cherry), a charming vegetable patch, and happy daisies. But I also have a struggling camelia, roses covered in aphids, and slugs galore. Gardening, I find, is such a mix-up of dreams, hopefulness, and triumphs, as well as confusion, disappointment, and failure. But perhaps that's why it's all so captivating and keeps me coming back for more. The dreams are so vivid, the hopefulness keeps me moving forward, and the triumphs... well, they're down right intoxicating.

Welcome to my garden...


  1. Hi Kristen. Your blog, your paintings and your garden are enchanting. Your passion is most evident. Wayne and Shirley Edwards sent me here. We are distantly related. My mother was an Edwards. I'm also an artist. So nice to visit just now. Blessings and happy painting. Ross Lynem

    1. Nice to meet you Ross! Thanks for your lovely comment. I'll look forward to taking a look at your paintings!